The Conjuring

The Conjuring

The conjuring has begun:

the true self to come through, to shine like the sun

no longer afraid to show your face

to accept who you have become

Feels like solar angels taking flight

soul unleashed, heart ultralight

magickal days follow hypnotic nights



With your heart forward, you stand

in a moonbeam bathing the land

you feel her pull as you stand transfixed

in her powerful glow, you are betwixt

the shadows of the night

and the other side of light



Now you call forth what has always been there

spellbound you’ve been, trapped in a lair

of frivolous desires, you once showed care

and your soul would thirst for what wasn’t there



Those days are done and your metal heart has a plan

to begin to know and to understand

what once held value is valueless

the knowledge that matters you now possess

All that is necessary - the music in your heart

like you knew right from the start

so you let it play like it was meant to play

unhindered, free, and every day



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Comments (6)

  1. macabre360

    Well now its late and I want to go through this inspired gem of a write over a early morn coffee. At the moment this bird is seein’ almost double. And that’s with one eye open. But I see well enough to know this is top draw stuff.

    February 18, 2017
    1. macabre360

      I can certainly see your intrigue has really blossomed into a delightful bouquet. Lets us stop and have the scent these roses project and effect shall we……

      Feels like solar angels taking flight, soul unleashed, heart ultralight, magickal days follow hypnotic nights
      betwixt the shadows of the night and the other side of light
      You know this speaks directly to my Siren of enchantment who holds sway over me beyond where mortal eyes can see.
      spellbound you’ve been, trapped in a lair Thirsting for what wasn’t there~
      Indeed I have been captured within the lure of her mystical lair. And it is most necessary for what’s now in my heart to play and beat like it was meant to.
      unhindered, free, and every day
      Far away together side by side forevermore. Her and me.
      Yes MA7. tis a mighty fine bouquet of dark burgundy colored roses you have here. Witch has a special tint to this Black Bird indeed. I’m not all sure exactly why but I feel very proud of you and personally Honored. And I can feel my Siren castin’ a sly wink of the her eye with a thumb up way up high.
      PS. I also know wonderwall will feel the same. Hi-5 moringafter7, Hi-5

      February 18, 2017
      1. morningafter7

        I’m thrilled that you found meaning here, blackbird, and yes – you should feel honored. As you can see, this is about following the heart – all else be damned! Thank you!

        February 19, 2017
  2. This comment has been deleted
  3. wonderwall79

    Well let me put me whiskey down and stoke the campfire and ponder for awhile,
    These words that you speak of here transcend me to another prairie we cowpoke refer to as Santa Fe
    To hatch a plan to jail break the most important thing we have and finally free ones heart from the invisible shackles life puts on us so our mortal hearts can breath and roam free like a wild mustang is a spiritual endeavour that is priceless.!!
    I concur with BB MA7 that I am honoured as well to ride along with your gypsie soul
    A pleasure indeed as i
    nod me brim and raise my horse on its back haunches.
    A most excellent ramble MA7
    Inspiring all who read

    February 19, 2017
    1. morningafter7

      You and black bird are both an inspiration to me, wonderwall – you have both made me think of things in a different way. I’m so glad you can relate to “setting the heart free” and that even though those chains may be invisible, they do exist! Thank you so much for trotting by…and be careful out there!

      February 20, 2017
  4. wonderwall79

    Thy honour is mine MA7 to have met such honourable noble characters along these trails I will be indebted for life.
    You have both helped untie these knots that my lasso gets sometimes with your writes.
    There are some characters in this thought saloon I feel I was meant to meet to gain invaluable insight towards the prairie that I am being blowing too like a tumbleweed.
    I doff me hat and I’ll hear from you again MA7 as I trot past

    February 20, 2017