Clinging Sunsets

Clinging Sunsets

Words cannot convey

exactly what I’m trying to say…

when in my mind, I see your face

you have something I can never replace

knowing the world’s a better place with you in it

feeling you near even though you’re distant

imagining you so hard you must feel it!



Close my eyes


and you’re there in the air

Nodding your head, you deliver

the music that makes me shiver

with your smoky, hooded stare

you’re in my mind; you’re everywhere



Patience is a trait I’ve learned

though many times been burned

nothing stops the desire

like sizzling sparks of fire

when I do get the essence returned



I see clinging sunsets with whispers of blue

you should feel traces of me calling out to you

the charm has worked before; can you feel it now?

To make sure you know somehow

and to prove my desire is true



I know that soon you’ll be coming my way

a little game I like to play:

give a little, take a little; a push and a pull over time

until the day everything will align

It has happened before at least twice

more than a per chance roll of the dice

revelation, obsession, aspiration

feeding the fire of infatuation



Suddenly you’re right in front of me!

In the flesh; your indifference, your sooty, sexy glam

can be replaced by someone who understands

how open arms can make everything okay

Everything hooking up and synching the right way



Can I do this one more time?

Clicking off my list of the sublime

You are the ultimate to me

don’t know why I didn’t see

what we have in common; our faith is ingrained

we’re both just a little insane

And I’m loving every inch I see

of our rapid-fire sweet destiny






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Comments (6)

  1. wonderwall79

    So beautifully written like scripture of old
    Enriching my senses more than gold
    Each word engraved with emotion
    Intoxicating me like a witches potion
    You paint words with a brush so fine
    A gypsy soul of the finest kind
    MA7 I doff me hat and would like to say
    I’ve seldom seen anyone write that way
    A sublime scripture ma7 no doubt
    Then again is you we are talking about
    Tipping me hat and trotting off to me prairies

    April 15, 2017
    1. morningafter7

      You make my heart sing, wonderwall! Stay safe out there…

      April 16, 2017
  2. macabre360

    To your horizon I soon will fly to. For from here I see not only the one such as wonderwall the drifter of the wide prairie. As well as many like he. In you I see the worded artistry and heart of a beautiful gypsy.

    April 21, 2017
    1. morningafter7

      I’ll be looking out for the shadow-cast of your ebony wings over my full moon, black bird, since we know we both share the same. Many thanks and take care, friend!

      April 21, 2017
  3. macabre360

    So beautifully weaved indeed
    So elegantly and so humbly
    A sonnet set to dawn upon dawn
    A testimony held in continuity
    Desire meant forever to proceed
    Upon the sleeve of days first light
    A heart of so special a love is worn
    A love in eternity always within sight
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    And yes my fair morningafter7
    To this I can well relate
    For between hell and heaven
    Beyond infinity lies my fate
    Of my one and only true love
    Upon which I solemnly await
    ~ ~ ~
    A warm and reminding touch to me own heart to which I thank you very much.
    Gratefully yours, Black Bird

    April 23, 2017
    1. morningafter7

      It is only that much more hard to endure because we know it exists, black bird. I am glad this spoke to you!

      April 24, 2017